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PERCAL Final Workshop: Waste as a Source for Green Chemicals
Join us for the final workshop of the EU BBI PERCAL project. The project has investigated the potential to convert municipal solid waste into key intermediates - bioethanol, lactic acid, succinic acid - and their use in value-added chemicals. The agenda will include discussions on the policy landscape and waste valorisation opportunities, next to presentations on the latest technical results.

The agenda for the workshop is:
10:00 - Welcome and introduction - Caterina Coll (IMECAL) & Ana Ruiz (BBI JU Project officer)
10:15 - Satisfying consumer demand for greener products: are regulations working for us? - Dr. Cristina González (SUSCHEM)
10:30 - Turning waste into cash: Opportunities for valorisation in waste management - Bernat Ibáñez Oliver (Simetría)
10:45 - Round table discussion with Q&A
11:15 - The PERCAL project: An integrated urban biorefinery, OFMSW pre-treatment & bioethanol production - Marcos Latorre (IMECAL)
11:30 - Key building block 1: Lactic acid - Dr. José Pablo López-Gómez (ATB)
11:40 - Key building block 2: Succinic acid - Eleni Stylianou (AUA)
11:50 - Sustainable industrial products 1: Solvents and surfactants - Irantzu Alegria Dallo (CENER)
12:00 - Sustainable industrial products 2: Polyols and adhesives - Vera Essmann (COVESTRO)
12:10 - Life cycle analysis and techno-economic assessment results - Dimitrios Ladakis (AUA)
12:20 - Q&A
12:30 - Wrap up and close of the workshop


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