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Free Webinar Series: Part 2 - How to define your role in ITAM’s future
The future of asset management is in your hands. Will it be an easy or difficult transition? In this webinar, we’ll explore ways in which we can prepare for the future – cloud management, working with executive teams, raising your profile and continuing to elevate the strategic importance of ITAM.

Topics we’ll explore include:

What ITAM looks like in 5-7 years
How clouds will continue to impact organizations
What expertise and departments you should align with now for future success
How to raise your profile with more business savvy presentations
Key KPIs to start tracking now

Start down a better path to your ITAM future by registering for this webinar. We’ll see you there.

If you missed the previous webinar in this series, “ITAM’s present – is it all about spending, compliance, and risk?”, then catch up quickly by watching the on-demand version.

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