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Decarbonizing the Built Environment: Calculating the Carbon Impact
The AEC industry is a major contributor to annual carbon emissions, so any positive changes to the status quo in the way of materials and methods stand to have a big impact. But how do we quantify that impact? What tools can be used to track and seize on efficiencies at every stage of the building process, from sourcing to completion? And if we adopt a life-cycle perspective of buildings, how can wood be introduced as a big player? Industry leaders will discuss these questions and will propose strategies that aim at decarbonizing the built environment.

Learning Objectives:

- Understand trends in regards to the latest research on the building sector's relationship to global emissions
- Identify the important tools used to calculate full life cycle analysis and compare carbon impact of building materials
- Recognize how these tools contribute to decision making in earlier stages of design
- Understand trade-offs and different project objectives when designing with wood over other building materials


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