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BorderKitchen with T.C. Boyle
"Our consciousness is the most important thing we have. We are always present, bubbling with ideas, thoughts, wishes, and language is what allows us to do so. Animals have to be careful when they come near us.

Many of them end up in a pan, on a barbecue, or run over.

But they too have a consciousness and their own view of the world.

But they can’t tell us about it. But what if they could? What if we can teach them our language? What if they speak the words we don't want to hear?" - T.C. Boyle

Questions that are the core of cult writer T.C. Boyle's new book Talk to me.
He will be our guest on the 14th of April during a new online BorderKitchen.

The interviewer is Sander Pleij.

T.C. Boyle (1948, Peekskill, N.Y) is a New York Times bestselling author and has published more than fourteen novels and eleven collections of short stories. He’s won many awards, among them the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Boyle lives in California.

About Talk to me:

Guy Schermerhorn, brilliant young professor of psychology and disciple of the pioneering Dr Moncrieff, is making a name for himself on the talk show circuit with an unusual protégé in tow: a chimp by the name of Sam. Sam lives in Guy's apartment, wears diapers and neckties, devours pizza and Macdonalds – and, through Guy's careful training, can communicate through sign language.

But living with Sam is wreaking havoc on Guy's personal life, and when shy, meek undergraduate Aimee Villard volunteers to take on babysitting for him, he can't believe his luck. Aimee and Sam have an immediate rapport, and before Guy knows it she's moved in, proudly devoting herself to Sam's care and Guy's project.

Aimee has never known purpose and happiness like this; but when Guy's funding is imperilled, and Sam is taken away by the sinister Moncrief, her world falls apart. Aimee discovers just how far she'll go to, and just what she'll risk, to be united with the chimp she's come to love so much.

Apr 14, 2021 08:00 PM in Amsterdam

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