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Workers’ Comp Insurance for Restaurants: How to Protect Your Employees and Your Bottom Line
Workers' compensation insurance is required for almost all businesses in Colorado – including restaurants -- and is critical to protecting employers, workers, and a business’ bottom line. Nowhere is this truer than in restaurants, as the foodservice industry has the highest number of documented workplace injuries in Colorado.

Join the Colorado Restaurant Association and the Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation (a division of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment) for an informative webinar that will teach you how you can protect your employees and your business from workplace injuries. Included: everything you need to know about obtaining workers’ compensation insurance, what to do if an employee gets hurt on the job, and free printable copies of the Division of Workers’ Compensation Employer's Guide.

There will be time for questions during the webinar, but please feel free to submit any questions you have ahead of time so our panelists can address them during the session.


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