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Relational Density in the Clinic: Functionally Analyzing Complex Frames within ACT and Language Training with Dr. Dana Paliliunas & Dr. Jordan Belisle
Relational training technologies are becoming center-stage in the field of behavior analysis as evidence mounts that relational responding is not only an empirical fact, but underlies our greatest successes and our greatest struggles as human beings. Yet, a functional analysis that directly evaluates relational responding in context has been slow to emerge and can be achieved through an RDT framework. In this presentation, we will explore three major areas where RDT is being applied and review how to conduct a functional analysis of relational framing using a multidimensional scaling procedure. First, we will examine changes in relational framing in response to PEAK intervention (Dixon, 2014-2016), a language and cognitive training program for children with language-learning differences. RDT allows for an analysis of how relational frames are reacting to instruction and can be probed when teaching new skills. Second, we will explore how relational framing patterns link into the concept of psychological flexibility using the SELF and the SELF-Y to guide ACT-based interventions, such as Values-Based Self-Management with adults and Accept-Identify-Move) with children. Finally, we will discuss applying this analysis to examine workplace climate and utilizing a Prosocial intervention framework to support values-based and affirming practice. Essentially, this presentation is designed as a starting point to fostering highly adaptive, flexible, and appetitive networks to engineer affirming and values-based contexts for clients and those who serve them.

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe how multidimensional scaling provides a functional analysis of relational frames
2. Discuss applications of RDT to evaluating relational training
3. Describe applications of RDT in developing and evaluating ACTr and Prosocial interventions for clients and staff

Apr 10, 2023 02:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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