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Sales Incentive Plans - A New Approach - Post Covid19
Are you struggling to manage a sales team working from home ? Not sure how things are progressing ? Searching for some predictability ?

Join this weeks webinar as Dr Marc Roos discusses how we might adopt a new approach to managing and rewarding the sales process. A speaker at this months 'Compensation and Benefits Forum' in Dubai, Dr Roos has been kind enough to provide us with a preview of his forthcoming presentation.

A leading HR practioner with over 20 years experience in Mining, Engineering and Oil & Gas, Marc has joined multi billion dollar projects across different continents with extensive experience covering all aspects of people management.


Many businesses and managers are facing the challenge of having to guide and steer a team from remote locations. To some extent the sales function has been dealing with this for years with representatives 'out on the road' at sales calls, client meetings, industry events etc. Still the only performance metric used by many organisations is the monetary value sold/contracts signed. It's clear, fairly unambiguous and measurable, but it is one-dimensional and post-facto.

However in complex, long-lead B2B sales processes, there is much activity that needs to be done that will lead eventually to a sale.

By increasing the monitoring of leading indicators this creates opportunity for management steer, coaching and debottlenecking which will increase the win rate and sales process effectiveness. Incentivising sales staff to cooperate with this process rather than oppose it.

In this webinar we will explore ways to move our data and analytics up the sales funnel to create more opportunities for guidance, support and improved forecasting.

Key points we will cover:

How to create more levers to monitor and steer the sales process
How to progress sales data analytics from lagging to leading indicators
The advantages and disadvantages of rewarding sales teams for both leading and lagging indicators.


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