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Viral Response Roundtable - Session no. 6 - How to coordinate humanitarian COVID-19 response, together?
Viral Response has been developed by Wikifactory to bring communities together in response to COVID19, and to help create a more resilient world beyond.

Our regular Roundtables bring these communities together directly to share insights and learnings from diverse perspectives.

This week's debate will be co-chaired by Christina Rebel, Wikifactory with Georgia Nicolau, Lab Procumum to host the important discussion about coordinating international efforts in the humanitarian field as part of the Maker Gathering by Global Innovation Gathering, Careables and Wikifactory.

Representatives from initiatives around the world will bring their experiences to the table from the ground to explore how each can support and learn from each other's efforts on the ground, and what resources are available to build upon for effective resource as a global community, including:

- Nawres Naser, Science Camp in Iraq
- Gabriela Agustini, Protegebr in Brazil
- Nadine Mowoh, Mboalab in Cameroon
- Pallab Shrestha & Bahar Kumar, Nepal Communitere in Nepal
- Gaurav Manchanda, Formlabs


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