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LIVE Roundtable Discussion: Crime Prevention Through Customer Service
Join GardaWorld, Canadian Security and stakeholders from across the security industry for an in-depth discussion on the pivot role that customer service plays in the delivery of security services and the prevention of potential crime activity.

As society gradually returns to a new normal following the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of customer service and the guest experience will be more important than ever. Employers want their employees back to the office and retailers want customers to return to brick and mortar locations.

All business sectors are facing some degree of hesitancy from the public after 18 months of strict restrictions on their behaviour.

As an embedded partner to these industries, security departments need to embrace the importance of the guest experience by going above and beyond customer service expectations while maintaining a safe and secure environment.

The Crime Prevention Through Customer Service (CPTCS) program combines the elements of customer service excellence with the best practices of Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM). By embracing ESRM principles and situational awareness, we are able to tangibly improve guest service levels while also increasing safety and security.

Join us on Wednesday September 15th at 1PM EDT. Register today!


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