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ABLE: Access to Savings
Join Northwest Access Fund Financial Coach & Benefits Planner Allison Falleur Barber to learn about how to save while accessing Social Security benefits.

This webinar will explain ABLE Accounts and how they can be used to save without affecting access to SSI and/or Medicaid. SSI and Medicaid have resource limits that stop people building savings. ABLE Accounts are a federally recognized way to save and keep SSI or Medicaid eligibility. They are open to people with disabilities whose disability began before the age of 26. Funds in ABLE Accounts can be used in a number of ways – join us to learn more!

This webinar will cover:

The reasons we need to use ABLE Accounts
Eligibility and how to apply for an ABLE Account
Qualifying expenses
Annual and lifetime contribution limits
How to add and withdraw funds

CART closed captioning and ASL Interpretation will be provided.


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