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Want to improve the success rate of treating cancer patients? The latest technology from Mount Sinai.
An information webinar for Physicians treating cancer patients.
• An Introduction My Personal Therapeutics and the Personal Discovery Process
• The challenge of cancer as a polygenic disease
• How the Personal Discovery Process is being used today to help treat patients
• How to access the Personal Discovery Process
• Q&A with the speakers and guest panel

Speakers & Panelists:
• Prof Ross Cagan, Regius Professor of Precision Medicine, University of Glasgow
• Prof Marshall Posner, Professor of Medicine and Associated Director of the Centre for Personalised Cancer Therapeutics at Mount Sinai.
• Laura Towart, CEO and Founder of My Personal Therapeutics
• Dr Nahuel Villegas, CSO of My Personal Therapeutics
• Dr Joshua Chou, Director and Co-founder Medicision Pty. Ltd, and Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney
• Prof Steven Bernardi, Director and Co-founder Medicision Pty. Ltd

Aug 5, 2020 03:00 PM in London

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Laura Towart
Founder & CEO @My Personal Therapeutics
Laura founded My Personal Therapeutics to advance a ground breaking personalised approach to cancer developed at Mt Sinai Medical Center. Laura is also the founder & former CEO of Celmatix, a leader in genomics and pharma target generation of women’s health. Laura became passionate about personalised medicine during her PhD studies at Weill Cornell Graduate School for Medical Sciences/Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Since then she has been actively involved in translational advances in medicine.
Prof Marshall Posner
Professor of Medicine @Mount Sinai Health System
Dr Posner is Professor of Medicine, Director of Head and Neck Medical Oncology, Associate Director of the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapeutics, and Co-Leader of the Cancer Clinical Investigation Program for The Tisch Cancer Institute. Dr. Posner has been engaged in clinical and translational research in cancers of the head and neck, HIV, and immunity for more than 40 years.
Prof Ross Cagan
Regius Professor of Precision Medicine @University of Glasgow
I am Regius Professor of Precision Medicine at University of Glasgow associated with the Wolfson and Beatson Institutes, Senior Editor of Disease Models and Mechanisms, and Director of the Center For Personalized Cancer Therapeutics. My laboratory uses Drosophila to develop therapeutics for cancer (colon, thyroid, lung, breast) and rare genetic diseases (RASopathies, TAUopathies). We have developed an experimental fly-to-bedside clinical trial in which 'personalized fly avatars' are used to screen for drug cocktails unique to each patient. Combining Drosophila genetics, computational biology, and medicinal chemistry, our goal is to use our platform to embrace and address a disease’s complexity, including at the level of individual patients.