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Ask the Expert: How to Hire a Coordinator or Expeditor
It’s the time of year where you are ramping up your team in the Service department. With that, a key consideration to this should be answering, “How do I reduce the amount of time it takes to get boats repaired and back on the water?” Answering that will prove critical to improving your number one metric for the customer experience as business and customer traffic increases, and that is your Repair Event Cycle Time, or RECT.

One solution to not only managing your RECT “score,” but also improving your RECT is to put the time into two crucial roles. Those are the Service Expeditor and the Coordinator. Now is the time to weigh the benefits of these positions. The Expeditor will help your technician, and the Coordinator is supporting your Service Advisor.

In this webinar, hear from Certified dealers Matt Santomenna from Race City Marine and Sarah Hassildine from Strong’s Marine on how they have incorporated these roles into their dealership, and see if these positions could be a solution for you. We will talk with Matt and Sarah to work through how they justified those positions and what that job looks like to them.

During this webinar:
• Discuss the reasons and benefits to adding the Coordinator and/or Expeditor roles
• Discuss obstacles to hiring for these and ways to overcome them
• Gain actual job descriptions you can walk away with for the Service Expeditor and Coordinator roles?

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