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Select Investors Presents: Protecting Your Biggest Asset & Multi-Jurisdictional Wills


Apr 29, 2021 11:15 AM

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Jamie Burgmann
Private Wealth Manager @Select Investors
Jamie will discuss the importance of planning for the unexpected. He will highlight some personal experiences plus from existing clients who have benefited from planning for these situations and tips and issues to consider when designing your succession plan. These include obtaining insurance at the earliest possible time to be more cost effective.
Matthew Pickard
Senior Manager, Intermediary Distribution @Aviva
Matthew will discuss from an insurance provider perspective some key features to new policies including MultiPay Critical Illness cover (ability to claim multiple times on the one policy) or Early/Intermediate cover whereby both parties benefit from early detection; you would be able to receive a payment at an early stage to pay for treatment which increases the likely hood of survival and as a provider they would only payout the smaller sum being Critical Illness and not the life cover. He will also discuss key payout figures and statistics on how prevalent Critical Illness’s are in society.
Matthew Lloyd
Managing Director @Professional Wills Limited
Matthew will discuss key succession planning topics regards to writing Multi-Jurisdictional Wills, Temporary and Permanent Guardians, Powers of Attorneys and how best to strategies for leaving a legacy for your beneficiaries. He will also highlight country specific planning needs like inheritance tax for UK domicile clients and for those who hold direct US equity as US non resident aliens.