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Webinar: Cardano DApp Development Made Easy with Joget
Discover how NFT minting can easily be done with Joget and Cardano!

With a focus on no-code/low-code and blockchain technology, you don’t want to miss this thought-provoking session as we share how non-coders with zero coding experience, can now visually develop decentralized applications (DApps) that leverage the Cardano blockchain; and this is all accomplished on a no-code/low-code application platform — Joget DX.

Join us to gain innovative insights that will supercharge your Cardano DApp development, or spark a new business initiative:

- Joget-Cardano Blockchain Pack: Learn how token administration, NFT minting and management can easily be done with Joget and Cardano.
- Key Features of a Showcase Coffee Provenance App: Track and trace the origin of where the coffee was farmed, processed, roasted, and packaged before being delivered to your neighborhood cafe!
- Joget and Cardano: No-code/low-code and the blockchain technology that will drastically accelerate your DApp development in a decentralized and immutable network.

Register today to hear from the Joget experts as we demonstrate the powerful platform capabilities of Joget DX, when integrated with the Cardano blockchain, that will boost the development of DApps while lowering the associated costs and risks.

Make sure you don't miss out, and we'll see you soon!


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Andrew Forson
Global Business Blockchain Lead @Joget, Inc.
Andrew Forson is a blockchain and decentralized ledger technology entrepreneur who serves as Joget's Global Business Blockchain Lead. He focuses on defining strategy and establishing high-level partnerships with leading blockchain ecosystems with the goal of introducing the ease of Joget enterprise application development to their communities. Andrew believes that blockchain enterprise adoption will be accelerated when the focus of blockchain implementation is on solving business problems in a cost efficient, effective, scalable, and sustainable way. His goal is to ensure Joget is the number one choice of enterprises choosing to integrate blockchain into their business practices.
Justin Wee
Technical Consultant @Joget, Inc.
Justin Wee is a technical specialist and advocate for Joget DX, an open source no-code/low-code digital transformation platform. Serving as a Technical Consultant, his interests expand beyond consultancy duties by continuously learning and engaging in several "hats" such as technical support, presales, software IP development, R&D, and more. Currently leading the R&D initiative for blockchain integration, he envisions that decentralized ledger technologies as composable components within a no-code/low-code platform such as Joget will further democratize enterprise blockchain solutions engineering, and truly enable highly scalable and sustainable enterprise blockchain adoption to build powerful solutions.