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Vision Guided Picking Applications
Robot Vision helps to automate industrial processes economically. No wonder that robotics is one of the fastest growing technologies in industrial production. Learn about the benefits of 3D vision systems like Ensenso and how it is possible to turn robots into autonomously working colleagues.

One of the biggest challenges is to make the robot understand its environment so that it is able to interact with it and react to different situations appropriately. Why is that so? Usually, a robot is a blind receiver of fixed programmed commands and is therefore not able to process variable requirements independently. However, the ability to adapt to new situations is essential if the robot it to become an autonomously working colleague. 3D vision helps to overcome this challenge.

3D stereo vision systems like Ensenso (www.ids-imaging.com/ensenso) enable robots to see and understand their surroundings so that they can reliably perform their tasks. 3D cameras also help them to acquire the necessary knowledge of how to move without damaging other equipment.

With practical experience and application examples such as Bin Picking and parts handling, this presentation will discuss the possibilities of a 3D vision system in combination with machine vision and autonomous path planning. You will also gain insight into the latest 3D vision technology and learn how it can benefit your applications, whether in factory automation (e.g. container picking), pallet picking in warehouse automation or logistics.
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