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Supply Chain 4.0 - Optimising the chain
Tradecast Overview

COVID-19 has shifted global value chains in unprecedented ways which will likely see no new ‘normal’. As behaviours, purchasing trends and trade are completely shifted, this Tradecast will explore how corporates are reacting to new levels of volatility, and ultimately, how technology and innovation could help build an inclusive, resilient global value chain.

- What’s the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent macroeconomic events on Global Value Chains (GVCs)?
- Have attitudes to off-shoring, near-shoring and supply chains changed from a corporate perspective?
- Has there been an impact of MSMEs, particularly in emerging and developing economies (EDEs)?
- How is supply chain finance developing and evolving to meet the needs for corporates, their Tier 2-3 suppliers and customers?
- Can networks and B2B marketplaces build resilience, increase choice without creating digital islands?
- As supply chains become ever-more complex and interlinked, how do we create transparency? (E.g. using tools like blockchain)


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