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March 2022 program: Challenges to Making Arlington More Economically Inclusive
Join us on March 9th to learn about efforts by the Arlington Community Foundation in collaboration with the County, nonprofits and national partners to maintain and improve Arlington’s economic diversity.

About 25,000 people in Arlington—11% of the population—live in households that make less than $38,000 for a family of four, or 30% of the area median income (AMI) of $129,000 per year. Yet people in these households often hold lower wage and essential jobs that form the backbone of the county’s economy. They are at high risk of being pushed out of the county because they can’t afford to stay.

Arlington’s lower income households often rely on a national public assistance system that is deeply flawed and creates barriers to their efforts to advance economically. For instance, the financial relief they receive is sometimes overshadowed by the “cliff effect” that occurs when a family’s income increases above a program’s eligibility requirements but the new wages are less than the benefits the family loses.

Arlington County’s vision statement says we seek to become a diverse and inclusive community. Our March 9th program will explore challenges we face in fulfilling that vision with respect to economic diversity and inclusivity.

Our speakers will be:

Anne Vor der Bruegge, Director of Grants and Initiatives, Arlington Community Foundation

Brian Marroquín, Program Officer & National Urban Fellow, Arlington Community Foundation


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