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How to Trade U.S. Elections
In this webinar, Proprietary Trader and Hedge Fund Manager Gregoire Dupont will discuss How to Trade the Coming U.S. Elections.
With U.S. Elections upon us, many Retail Traders are still pretty unprepared.
Combined with covid lockdowns, earnings season, 2021 expectations, Democrats clean sweep... this election crystallizes many catalysts and opportunities. Gregoire Dupont will look at trades with great risk rewards.

Gregoire has two decades of experience in Trading and Portfolio Management.
He worked as a Professional Trader, Portfolio Manager, Proprietary Trader and Hedge Fund Manager in Paris and London and was FCA regulated.
Over the years, he developed the 4x4 Video Series and training tools.

Fees: $30.00

The Webinar will start at 9pm London Time Thursday October 29th.

Education: https://gregoiredupont.com/education
Webinars: https://gregoiredupont.com/seminar

Oct 29, 2020 09:00 PM in London

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