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ITKAM4Europe - Accelerate Entrepreneurship in the EU and Worldwide
ITKAM TALK dedicated to entrepreneurship and its promotion in the EU and worldwide.

Since 2014, ITKAM has been in close contact with people interested in starting a business, founding a startup and experienced entrepreneurs, supporting and networking them within the framework of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) program. As the lead partner of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global (EYE Global), funded by the European Commission, ITKAM also aims to promote cooperation between European startups and experienced entrepreneurs in countries outside Europe such as the United States, Canada up to Singapore.

For the 4th ITKAM TALK we invites two renowned experts with the aim to present these and other entrepreneurship opportunities as well as interesting examples to a wide audience of people interested in starting a company, early stage startups and experienced entrepreneurs in Europe.

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