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15th Annual Psychology Day at the United Nations
For the first time, in this continuing education credits event, The Psychology Day program for 2022 will bring together psychologists from five continents addressing the science and practice of psychology to discuss the latest psychological research on Climate Change, and evidence-based strategies that can assist the UN and other groups to mitigate and adapt more effectively to the challenges we face.

In past years, The Psychology Day has attracted close to 2000 attendees.

Climate change is a unique challenge as addressing it is beyond the reach of any single country or sector, thus raising issues of stakeholder heterogeneity in willingness and ability, social dilemma, and interdependence. Climate change is also experienced at the individual level, impacting health (mental and physical) through exposure to events such as natural disasters, shrinking of resources, or group conflicts. The perception that the challenge is intractable also leads to worry, anxiety, and “eco-paralysis.”

In response to the challenge, the United Nations’ President of the 76th General Assembly, Abdulla Shahid (from the Maldives), noted that hope is desperately needed. He also said that on issues such as climate change he would “never give up hope that humanity will rise to the occasion.” Since people, organizations, and communities worldwide are resilient when faced with adversity, hope can be harnessed into a resilience factor, reducing emotional problems and steering efforts towards adaptation and mitigation.

The Psychology Day 2022 program will present psychologists from different sub-disciplines and various regions of the world who will address the issues of rising to the challenge of climate change and provide call to action solutions. Cutting edge research will be presented. Finally, the discussant will address the intersectionality of health and climate change.

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