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VPPs - Development - Aggregation – Monetisation
Democratising the energy transition via Decentralized Energy Resources (DERs) and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs)
VPPs are a crucial tool for enabling DERs to participate in energy markets effectively, thus helping to ensure the energy transition is built upon solid foundations. Major growth, particularly driven by the ever-expanding residential market, is certain in the global VPP market.
However, there remains a significant knowledge gap within the energy trading community when it comes to developing, aggregating and monetising assets to take full advantage of their flexibility in the most cost- and time-effective manner.
Substantiated by several real-life case studies, the webinar will provide an important, highly practical deep dive into this subject and assemble stakeholders and thought leaders from across the VPP value chain, including aggregators, developers, operators and those involved in the monetisation of these assets. 
Subjects to be covered include:

* VPP global landscape and market overview

* Aggregators and development of VPP projects

* Case study: INNIO CHP VPP

* Case study: EnBW renewable VPP

* Trading of VPP flexibility and C&I batteries

Speakers include:
* Jürgen Mayerhofer - CEO & Co-Founder - enspired

* Jon Ferris - Head of Flexibility and Storage - LCP Delta

* Jens Werner - CEO & Co-Founder - dieEnergiekoppler

* Daniel Egger - Digital Solution Leader - INNIO Jenbacher

* Simon Schweda - Chief Product Officer VPPs - EnBW

* Marian Kilen - Central Europe Key Account Manager - NordPool

*Maximiliane Resch - Growth Specialist - enspired

* Ben Hillary - Managing Director - Commodities People

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