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Webinar: Cancer in peple with intellectual disabilities: Epidemiology and genetics
This webinar is the first in a series of three hosted by Frambu Centre for Rare Disorders and the Norwegian National Advisory Unit Aging and Health. The second takes place on April 28th (in English). The third takes place on May 4th (in Norwegian). . . People with intellectual disabilities can also develop cancer. Detecting and treating cancer, and supporting people with intellectual disabilities who have cancer, can be highly challenging. This is an area that has received too little attention. Some research evidence is emerging about the cancer profile of this population, which differs from the general population, and the specific treatment and support needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

The lecturers will share their research and experiences and there will be time for questions and discussions. Today’s sessions include cancer in people with varying degrees of intellectual disabilities, epidemiology and genetics. It will be useful for anyone with an interest in supporting people with intellectual disabilities who have cancer, like oncologists, nurses, biologists, researchers, epidemiologists, professional caregivers, psychiatrists, psychologists, anthropologists, family caregivers and students. .

Program 27 April 2021 13.00-13.05 Welcome Heidi E. Nag and Stine Skorpen

13.05-13.35 Cancers in people with moderate, severe or profound intellectual disability (incl. questions and discussion) Daniel Satgé

13.35 – 14.05 Epidemiology of demise because of cancer in individuals with and without intellectual disabilities (incl. questions and discussion) Maarten Cuypers

14.05 – 14.15 Short break

14.15 – 14.45 Genetics in cancer linked to people with intellectual disabilities (incl. questions and discussion) Raoul C M Hennekam

14.45 – 15.00 Summing up this webinar Information on the third International Symposium on Cancer and Intellectual Disabilities in Edinburgh, Scotland, 2022/23 Heidi E. Nag and Stine Skorpen

Apr 27, 2021 01:00 PM in Oslo

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