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ECSB webinar with Ute Stephan "New outcomes and new methods in entrepreneurship research: Understanding and Researching Entrepreneurial Well-Being and Recovery"
Entrepreneur’s well-being is attracting increasing research attention (Stephan, 2018; Wiklund, Nikolaev, Shir, Foo & Bradley, 2019) and there are calls to consider entrepreneurs’ well-being as an important outcome of entrepreneurship in its own right – in addition to say firm performance and growth. In this talk I briefly consider what we know about entrepreneurs well-being to then outline promising avenues for future research. In terms of methods, I highlight the need to understand the entrepreneurial “Live as Lived” through diary research, consider how we can move from documenting well-being to enhancing/changing entrepreneurs’ well-being through interventions, and the need to broaden our perspective to consider not just entrepreneurs’ well-being but also that of their stakeholders.

The webinar speaker:
Ute Stephan is full Professor of Entrepreneurship at King’s Business School at King’s College London, Transcampus Professor at Technische Universitaet Dresden (Organizational Psychology), Honorary Professor at UCL’s Department of Psychology and at Aston Business School, UK, and a Fellow of the International Association of Applied Psychology.

Her expertise lies in the psychology of entrepreneurship. Her research interests include the diverse motivations of entrepreneurs, well-being, and social entrepreneurship. She also investigates differences in entrepreneurship across countries and contexts due to culture and institutions. Her research has received numerous international awards, has been featured in the media (e.g. Financial Times, The Guardian), attracted over GBP 3 million in funding, and is published in leading academic journals.

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May 19, 2021 03:00 PM in Paris

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