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XDR or EDR: How Should Your SOC Choose?
If you have doubts in your organisation’s ability to identify and defeat modern attackers, you’re not alone. We’re living in a world where IT infrastructure, attacker trends, and workspace norms are constantly shifting, so it’s especially challenging to build a solid security foundation with tested best practices. Companies are struggling to prove effective cybersecurity due to a lack of visibility, a shortage of skilled staff, and challenges matching today’s accelerated business pace.
A foundational security milestone is protecting our global endpoints: the laptops, desktops, and servers that make up the backbone of our corporate environments. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) technologies can provide effective threat detection and protection, so why are we now hearing about Extended Detection and Response, or XDR as the latest new trend?
Featuring Cybereason security leaders Sam Curry and Israel Barak, along with Forrester Security and Risk Research Analyst Allie Mellen, join us for an exciting live panel discussion to learn:
* What is Extended Detection and Response technology?
* How have attackers and their campaigns changed over the past 18 months?
* Can XDR help me stop ransomware and targeted cyber attacks?
* How are organisations using XDR for security operations today?
* When should I consider XDR over EDR, SIEM, or SOAR technologies?
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