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Clean Nuclear Energy for Industry: The Case for SMRs and Microreactors in Puerto Rico
GAIN and ANS Young Members Group are pleased to invite you to discuss the feasibility study highlighting SMRs and Microreactors for Puerto Rico. This study represents a first-of-a- kind collaborative effort – led by Puerto Rican engineers in the nuclear industry, supported by nuclear developers and national labs. This effort highlights the feasibility of next-generation nuclear reactors in response to Puerto Rico's pressing energy needs and legislative interest - House Resolution 1189.

This study was led by The Nuclear Alternative Project (NAP), a non-profit formed by Puerto Rican engineers in the U.S. nuclear industry and involved a team of more than 20 consultants and industry advisors.

In this webinar, Eddie Guerra, Luis Reyes, and Ivan Lugo will present the study’s key findings with a special focus on applications for Puerto Rico’s manufacturing sector and critical infrastructure needs.

- Luis Reyes, Chair Advisory Board for The Nuclear Alternative Project, Former U.S. NRC Executive Director for Operations
- Eddie Guerra, Senior Engineer for Arup, Co-Founder of The Nuclear Alternative Project
- Ivan Lugo, Executive Director, Industry-University Research Center
- Shannon Bragg-Sitton, National Technical Director, Integrated Energy Systems, Idaho National Laboratory

Moderator: Harsh S. Desai, Nuclear Energy Institute and ANS Young Members Group

Come and join us for this timely discussion for Puerto Rico.
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