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TATA ELXSI Presents: Adopting Model-Based Systems Engineering For Rolling Stock Development
Rolling stock manufacturers & Tier-1s around the world face significant challenges in optimizing their design and engineering costs. Most of these challenges can be attributed to:

• Not having a well-defined/systematic approach for re-using the work-products and engineering artefacts. In other words, each project is engineered ground up, and platform level work-products are either minimal or non-existent.
• Issues getting unearthed on the train zero or during the trials or worst, in operation – leading to late design changes resulting in higher costs for corrections, penalties, and higher warranty costs.
• Not having a proper/efficient process for requirement cascading.

The introduction of a Model-based System Engineering (MBSE) approach can help rolling stock manufacturers and Tier-1s create robust, testable requirements and designs at an early stage of the lifecycle. This thereby reduces late changes, bug fixes, and increased re-use of design elements, leading to the system engineering process’s left-shifting.

Rail operators will also be benefitted from MBSE as it can lead to a more collaborative ecosystem that enables effective stakeholder reviews and analyses.

The webinar shall cover a systematic approach to adopt, implement, and execute MBSE based work-products into the existing development process-chain to carry out thorough requirement analysis, systematic partitioning of functionality, and ensuring inherent traceability, reducing rework, increasing re-use and effective collaboration.
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Sajan Unnikrishnan
Senior Technical Architect @Tata Elxsi
Sajan Unnikrishnan(Masters in ‘Software and Systems’) is a subject matter expert in area of Model Based System Engineering. He has 16+ years of rich experience across rail, automotive and aerospace. Currently his focus is in facilitating clients to deploying Model Based System Engineering techniques.