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Free Webinar Series: Part 1 - ITAM’s present – is it all about spending, compliance, and risk?
Part 1: ITAM’s present – is it all about spending, compliance, and risk?

In this first webinar, we’ll explore compliance, cost, risk, security, and how asset management makes a difference for each. We’ll look at ITAM’s past to understand how we’ve reached the present and consider how businesses are changing. Across organizations, ITAM can be a driving force in many areas but understanding where you are and where you’re going is key. We’ll also consider how to build and maintain the skills and relationships that will help us address the ongoing move to the cloud and hybrid working.

A few conversations you’ll want to be a part of include:

Compliance – is it getting easier?
How does automation and machine learning help?
What steps will help you strengthen security and avert risk?
Three things that will help you move to the cloud
Actions you can take to keep at the top of your ITAM game

Join Rich Gibbons, ITAM Review and Adam Smith-Cairns at ServiceNow on Thursday 11th November at 4pm GMT as they discuss the strengths of ITAM in the enterprise and how we can continue to evolve and change as our organizations transform.

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