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As the impact of the Covid-19 crisis continues to be felt across the globe, Global
Mobility and HR teams and their organizations are facing unprecedented challenges.
With its global footprint, FEM is perfectly placed to enable the Global Mobility and
HR community to air concerns and share best practice.

Our three previous Covid-19 webinars broadcast in April and May have attracted over 800 attendees from 43 countries across the globe.
Now, we are checking in again with some of our superb speakers to find out about progress made and lessons learned. We are gathering expertise from our APAC, Americas & EMEA discussions in one unmissable broadcast: FEM’s Covid-19 GLOBAL webinar.

• Dealing with the fallout – immigration, tax and payroll compliance
• How are companies supporting employees as they return to work in the office or onsite?
• How can you also manage employee populations that are still in lockdown?
• Reviewing policies, programs, COLA and compensation – what now?
• How has the crisis changed the vendor landscape, supply chains and outsourcing?


Emmarie P. Castañeda, Global Mobility Manager – Asia, Unilever
Samantha Elliott, CRP, CCHP - President of Preferred Corporate Housing
Mark B. Fischer, MD, Medical Director Assistance, International SOS
Patricia Tavares, Americas Global Mobility Head, Unilever
Anne-Marie Bailey, Global Mobility Manager, GE Renewable Energy

Claire Tennant-Scull, Director of Content & Events, FEM
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