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FCG: MarketKX France
French fashion has ever since the 17th century thrived with innovation and through recognizing changing societal attitudes. Today Fashion is an extremely important subject in the French culture and country's social life, as well, being a necessary part of the country’s economy. Our analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and realities of the French market will make you understand why French fashion design and production carries such a great importance for the global fashion market.

With this presentation, we will evaluate how to enter this key & strategical market.

If you are a FCG member, you can participate for free! To register please reach out to us via email: edu@fashion-council-germany.org
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Adrien Gossiôme
Sales director & Founder @Ag-ency
Adrien Gossiôme is the global sales director and founder of Ag-ency. After studying at EsMod and numerous collaborations as a designer, he became a sales agent specializing in women's luxury on the French market.