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From powder to DC oral solid dosage form – using galenIQ™, the sweet-tasting filler binder.
galenIQ™ is a sweet-tasting water soluble filler binder derived from sugar beet. It is available in several different morphological forms which are suitable for the formulation and manufacture of oral solid dosage forms including tablets, effervescents, medicated lozenges and powder blends for sachets and stickpacks. In this webinar we will discuss the powder characteristics of the galenIQ™ direct compression grades and how these grades can be used conveniently to make oral solid dosage forms.
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Dr. Michael Black
Head of Sales Pharma @BENEO-Palatinit in Germany.
Michael Black has a BSc in Biological Chemistry from the University of Ulster and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Following a post Doc at the University of Florida, USA he entered the pharmaceutical industry at Boots Pharmaceuticals, developing new chemical entity APIs. After this he moved to Knoll AG, Germany as Product Manager for bulk Ibuprofen. Further steps included technical marketing at BASF, Germany, Business Development at Budenheim, Germany and since 2014 he is Head of Sales Pharma for galenIQ™ at BENEO-Palatinit in Germany.