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Herbert Puchta - Teaching English to Very Young Learners: 7 Things You Need to Know, and 10 Strategies You Should Use.
Earl Stevick famously said that success in language learning depends on what goes on ‘inside and between the people in the classroom’. In this webinar, we will start with psychological insights into the very young learner’s inner world. We will discuss how the foreign language teacher can support the child’s social and cognitive development and help them take key values on board. Examples of such values include being helpful, being polite and appreciating others – an attitude leading to tolerance, empathy and peace. Herbert will use examples from Hooray! Let's Play! Second edition – including value-based fun stories around Peter the Panda and his friends Rosie, Connie and Tom, as well as catchy action songs and engaging Total Physical Response (TPR) activities – to demonstrate how the teacher can achieve all this in a joyful atmosphere, so children learn the language naturally and actively.

Jan 27, 2022 07:00 PM in Moscow

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Herbert Puchta
Dr. Herbert Puchta is a full time writer and teacher trainer. He has been a plenary speaker at numerous international conferences, and has conducted workshops and given seminars in more than 30 countries. For almost three decades, he has carried out research into the practical application of findings from cognitive psychology to the teaching of English as a foreign language. Herbert has co-authored a number of bestselling course books for the teaching of English as a foreign language, and written numerous articles and resource books. Until recently, Herbert was President of IATEFL, the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.