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RILA’s INFORM ACT in ACTION – Hear from the executive team at the Retail Industry Leaders Association about the latest on retail's push for the federal INFORM Act and the concerted efforts across the industry in the fight against ORC and the drive for stronger and more supportive legislation.
Michael Hanson, Senior EVP Public Affairs
Lisa LaBruno, Senior EVP Retail Operations
Jason Brewer, Senior EVP Communications and Marketing

HOMELAND SECURITY INVESTIGATIONS - THERE'S MORE TO ORC – As Homeland Security helps to lead the fight against ORC, retailers are partnering with HSI and a network of government agencies supporting ORC investigators and driving investigations that also look at the ancillary opportunities for criminal charges that will help in crippling and dismantling these criminal networks.
Raul Aguilar, Deputy Assistant Director for the Countering Transnational Organized Crime, Financial and Fraud Division for Homeland Security Investigations
Al Giangregorio, Acting Division Chief Financial and Fraud Division Washington, DC
Tom Welch, Unit Chief Financial Crimes Unit, Washington, DC
Billy Melton, Program Manager FCU, Washington, DC
Robert Skidmore, Special Agent, Houston, TX

PREPARING FOR SAFE STORES IN ORC STORMS - With retailers being assaulted by ORC gangs who smash and grab their way through the store, what are retailers doing to collaborate and to help support safety in the stores and across store teams.
Steve Fahey, Vice President of Asset Protection, Nordstrom
Jeff Blunk, MCJ, Senior Manager Investigations, Asset Protection, Nordstrom
Steve Walker, LPC, CPht, Lead Director, Major Crimes, Walgreens Asset Protection Solutions
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