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Social Equity Mentorship: Marijuana, Wellness and Encouraging Responsible Use
Inform, educate and assist potential social equity licensee applicants by getting them up to speed with current medical licensees


Please visit: https://mita-az.org/social-equity-mentorship-program-information/

MITA is pleased to announce our upcoming “capstone project” for the Arizona cannabis community and those who will come after us. We are calling it MITA’s “Social Equity Mentorship Program.” The goal of the program is to do our part, as leaders in the industry to help the social equity applicants begin their journey to success here in Arizona.

Our plan is to help the potential applicants get up to speed with the current medical marijuana program so that they may hit the ground running. We will do this by providing great insight about the current landscape of the Arizona market, its 8 year development and knowledge of the industry from the bird’s eye view of some of the most prominent individuals available.

Arizona is going into a new period in its cannabis history where it will be issuing social equity adult use licenses in 2021. MITA has designed this 16 module course in conjunction with numerous industry experts to help teach the applicants what to expect. As we all know, from cultivation through retail, from writing applications to structuring investment capital, there is lots to share and learn. MITA is also thrilled to have the former AZ department of health director, Will Humble, who was strategic in designing the medical marijuana program for Arizona, as a facilitator of our program. Few will be able to analyze and interpret DHS’s decisions as he will.

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