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Zero Emissions Byron EV Revolution Webinar #5: Going the Distance
In the 5th EV Revolution webinar Zero Emissions Byron is pleased to welcome Bryce Gaton, Secretary of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and Marty Andrews, CEO of Chargefox. They will discuss EV driving ranges and charging networks.

Dec 1, 2020 06:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Marty Andrews
CEO and Co-Founder @Chargefox
Chargefox is Australia's largest open network of EV charging stations. It was started with a vision of powering road transport in Australia with renewable energy and an aim to make EV charging easier for all Australians. Prior to Chargefox, Marty was founder and CEO at Cogent - a software business in Melbourne. Since 2007, Cogent has been an ongoing successful experiment in running an open, values driven business. They use skills in strategy, design and development to help customers build useful products. Marty's extensive experience in software, combined with his business background makes him uniquely positioned to bring innovative charging technology to the market In his younger days, Marty spent a lot of time in dingy pool halls around the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He played for the Victorian 8-Ball team in 1999 and 2005, but is now semi-retired, preferring to spend time with his wife and 2 young boys.
Bryce Gaton
Vice Chair - Victoria @Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA)
Bryce has been working and writing on EVs since 2008. His interest comes in part from his desire to lead a low environmental impact lifestyle – plus the fact that EVs are way cooler to drive than ICE ones! His latest EV is a Hyundai Kona electric in which he has already covered over 20,000km – a third of which has been interstate travel. Bryce’s work is split between EV consultancy and EV safety trainer/supervisor for Melbourne University’s School of Engineering. He is also vice-chair of the Victorian branch of AEVA and editor of its national newsletter, EV News. He regularly writes on EV topics for TheDriven website and Renew magazine and on behalf of both AEVA and Renew presents on EV issues and opportunities to government, business and community groups. Through being a driver of EVs, qualified science/environmental education teacher AND electrician: Bryce is well positioned to discuss the all-round personal and environmental benefits of moving with e-motion...
Principal Sponsor - Bank Australia
Major Sponsor - NRMA
Community Sponsors - Enova Community Energy; Light Touch Solar & Electrical; ClubCar