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The origin of Chardonnay clones with historical significance in Australia and California
The Chardonnay clone Gingin was imported into Western Australia in 1957 and has become one of Australia’s oldest recognised Chardonnay clones. While its phenotypic similarity to other Chardonnay clones has been noted, its exact origins remained a mystery. The AWRI has established a robust methodology for Chardonnay clonal identification that harnesses the detailed information provided by whole-genome DNA sequencing. This genomic technology was applied to unravel the history of this important grapevine clone by sequencing samples of Gingin and other clones suspected to be related to Gingin, including Mendoza and OF Chard. The findings shed light on the origins of these Chardonnay clones, while demonstrating the utility of the clonal genetic identification technology.

Nov 12, 2020 11:30 AM in Adelaide

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Dr Anthony Borneman
Research Manager - Molecular Biology @The Australian Wine Research Institute
Dr Anthony Borneman is Research Manager - Molecular Biology at the Australian Wine Research Institute and an Affiliate of the University of Adelaide. He leads research that is focused on applying genomics to understand the genetic basis of biological diversity in winemaking, including grapevines, commercial wine yeast and bacteria and wild ferments.