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Race, Colonialism, and De-Coloniality - Dr. Mohammed Pervaiz
Dr. Mohammed Pervaiz | Darul Qasim Louisville
Monday December 21, 6-7pm EST via Zoom

Blurb: The contemporary climate around race has a colonial origin. Colonial life is painted today with “white” power, and resistance to it as “black and brown” power. This narrative belongs to a colonial logic initiated in the 15th century with residual effects in our present lives. In order to reply to the violences of colonial domination and power, an important discourse called “de-coloniality” has emerged in the past decade in order to decolonize colonial knowledge. Yet this discourse too is problematic. This lecture will (1) examine some of the history that brought out the colonial legacy in the West and to (2) critically assess works of de-coloniality, particularly that of Fanon, Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X) and novelists like Hamidou Kane and Tayeb Salih. The lecture invites Muslims to avoid the pitfalls of both views — and thus avoid being pulled politically “left” or “right” — through the Sunnah of the Prophet’s “middle-way”.

Biography: Mohammed Pervaiz was born and raised in Southern West Virginia. He taught various courses for five years in the departments of Religion & Culture, Political Science and History at Virginia Tech before joining Darul Qasim. Dr. Pervaiz’s training in the liberal arts and humanities focuses on secular and religious power and embodiment in modern times, utilizing concepts developed out of the anthropology of the secular and critical theory. His initial training in the basic Islamic sciences began with Shaykh Amin at Darul Qasim. He has studied with Muslim scholars in Amman, Istanbul, and Chicago in the disciplines of Tajwid, Tafsir, ‘ilm al-akhlāq and Hanafi Law.

Dec 21, 2020 06:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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