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Managing data and organizational risk
Managing organizations' data in a complex business and regulatory context presents many risks. Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements, increased cyber security risk and reputational risk are all key drivers. Lawyers play a central role in creating frameworks managing emerging risks attached to data. They are responsible for translating high level concepts addressing risk into organizational strategy and implementation. This 60 minute webinar will focus on how organizations (and the lawyers working alongside them) are defining, determining and implementing effective risk mitigation strategies when it comes to data.

In the webinar, our speakers will discuss:

- What are the key drivers when it comes to managing organizational risks attached to data? What role do legal departments play in organizations responding to them? How are legal departments and their external advisors devising strategies to do this?

- What are the key pillars when it comes to developing and implementing a risk mitigation strategy for an organization’s data? What are the common challenges and risks?

- When it comes to process and technology to deliver a data risk mitigation strategy, what are the best practices? What kinds of technologies are available for organizations to leverage? What are the opportunities and challenges related to partnerships with third-parties?


Mark Le Blanc, General Counsel, tvo

Ryan Berger, Partner, Lawson Lundell

Anna Pennino, Lawyer, Inter Alia Law

Natasha Doucas, Business Development, Ricoh Canada

Moderator: Peter Carayiannis, President, Conduit Law

Law Society of Ontario: This program contains 1 hour of Professionalism Content.

Law Society of BC: This program is accredited for 1 hour of CPD


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