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Motion Amplification®, Faster Than Ever with Iris M™ Traveler
Meet the Iris M™ Traveler System! Designed to move with you, this new option to the trusted Iris M™ is a portable, compact, and lightweight vibration analysis system. It allows you to quickly and easily capture millions of data points on the go with minimal setup and breakdown faster than ever.

Join Mason McNally, Product Manager at RDI Technologies, to see how you can quickly gear up and acquire critical vibration data with this camera-based vibration solution. Assets in tight spaces and logistically challenging environments are no longer unreachable—organically elevating your reliability program's capability and accessibility.

Whether you're a current Iris M™ system user or new to Motion Amplification®, this webinar will be packed with valuable information to help you decide which Iris M™ configuration is best for your needs and how to make the most of every data point. Seeing is believing!


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