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The Low-Code Café | Weekly Community Work Session
Join the low-code community in our weekly webinar & work session. We will be sharing ideas on low-code, product updates and even building mini-apps together with the Plant an App team.

Why attend?
• Gain new insights on low-code & technology
• Watch & learn how to build business apps with the help of low-code platforms
• Get the latest updates and sneak previews of Plant an App
• Get support for Plant an App directly from the product development team
• Meet & connect with low-code enthusiasts & great people such as yourself

Every webinar, we will be building apps together and have a great time. Besides specific topics and getting together with the community, we also have our regular segments to showcase the latest updates, tips & tricks.
- Bogdan Litescu, CEO & Founder, is the one to start the show and provide Product Roadmap Updates
- Stories from the Trenches, with Dale Warner, Head of US Support
- Hands-on Low-Code, with various members from the Plant an App Product Team

Watch recordings of the previous editions: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL67RlTAxc73EADPcPrLHLGaVu4zXOGuyi

Plant an App is the only low-code platform that enables entire teams to start working from day 1, accelerating enterprise app delivery by 20 times compared to traditional development. See the Platform Overview Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SXuHfKlmWs
You can choose to attend one or more of the following webinars.

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Radu Niculcea
Customer Success Manager @Plant an App
Radu is in his mid 20s, but is already a Low-Code Veteran. He leads Implementation teams for key Accounts in Plant an App, but is also the one that makes sure that our most high-pressure projects, such as MVP's and Proof of Concepts, get delivered on time. We haven't yet found a challenge that Radu can't handle.
Dale Warner
Head of US Support @Plant an App
Dale is an IT professional with experience in software development and project management dating back to 1980. He founded MBI Systems Corporation in 1988 to provide custom software solutions built with cutting-edge technology at every season. Currently, Dale is leading the Plant an App Support team and handling Customer Success in US Timezones.