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Measuring Baume and Brix and understanding their relationship with final alcohol concentration
An integral part of monitoring grape maturity and fermentation is the measurement of total dissolved solids (TDS), usually as Brix or Baume. Doing these measurements accurately is important when determining harvest date as well as for achieving good fermentation control and quality outcomes. This webinar will review common methods for measuring TDS using refractometers, hydrometers or density meters, the correct techniques, calibration and practical trouble-shooting for some of the typical problems encountered. The webinar will also review the rule of thumb that 1 degree Baume gives 1% alcohol in the final wine and why it is so often wrong.

Dec 3, 2020 11:30 AM in Adelaide

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Dr Eric Wilkes
Group Manager - Commercial Services @The Australian Wine Research Institute
Dr Eric Wilkes has worked in the beverage industry since completing his PhD in chemistry at the University of Newcastle in 1997. He has held roles at Rosemount Estates, P&N Beverages and Foster's Group where he held the position of Global Manager Analytical Services. In 2011 he joined the AWRI where he is Group Manager - Commercial Services. Current areas of research include wine stability, methods to determine authenticity and the impact of metals on wine development. He is a past Chair of the Interwinery Analysis Group (one of the largest wine testing proficiency programs in the world), is an active member of a number of international working groups on wine analysis and export regulations and a co-author of a book on wine laboratory analysis.