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Prof. Seong-Hun Kim, DMD, MSD, PhD, - Integration of Roth and MBT for the new norm in the time of TSADs
Preparation for travel changed depend on how we get to the destination. Walking, driving, flying, boating requires different skills and amendment. Likewise, when utilizing Temporary Skeletal Anchorage Devices (TSADs), we need to rethink the biomechanics according to the change in our gear. Roth prescription and MBT prescription were the major established bracket prescriptions on the market, but we need to reconsider our bracket prescription with a TSADs because we are not using sliding mechanics only. Using skeletal anchorage system, we can apply variety of different biomechanics to make orthodontic tooth movement, so it is good time to reroute our usual routine. Audience members will learn specific clinical tactics and overall treatment protocols using new Integrated prescription brackets system with contemporary TSADs Orthodontics that will broaden their scope of treatment options like Noah’s Ark in the current post-Covid 19 orthodontic flood.
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