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Supporting Men's Peaceful Transformation
In this CE webinar, Founder and Facilitator of “Men Creating Peace,” Devon Gaster, will introduce an effective approach to working with men, who have caused harm in intimate partner relationships.
Webinar participants will become familiar with the patterns and behaviors that keep men stuck in abusive cycles and learn ways to create a safe environment for men to heal and grow together.
The webinar will shed light on the importance of helping men become aware of the many negative impacts that abuse causes for themselves, their partners, their children, families and communities.
It will also offer valuable insights and share lived experiences into the healing power that happens when men connect with their emotions through shared life stories.
Learning Objectives:
• List behaviors that continue abuse within Intimate Partner Relationships
• Describe strategies to help clients become aware of impact of violence to self, partner, family and community
• Apply methods to help men share their stories of healing to nurture and support their progress to non-violence
• Describe effective strategies for giving feedback to others

Feb 15, 2023 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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