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Robust Early Detection Of Thermal Runaway (REDTR)
• New sensor technology to detect thermal runaway
• Stressed Li-ion batteries can undergo failure through a variety of factors. Failure can result in an internal reaction that generates heat and causes chemical decomposition of the cell, which can rapidly accelerate into thermal runaway
• How to quickly identify initial cell vent – fast detection enables rapid countermeasures
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Brian Engle
Business Development Manager @Amphenol Advanced Sensors
As Business Development Manager for Amphenol Advanced Sensors, Brian Engle is responsible for developing new technologies and partnerships to address emerging sensor needs within various industries. With over 30 years of experience in research, development, and business roles within global OEM and Tier 1 automotive companies, Brian Engle blends system engineering disciplines with business acumen to develop cost effective solutions to the most challenging needs within the industry. As an active member of SAE, Brian supports a number of battery and xEV safety initiatives and through participation in NAATBATT consortium, works together with OEM's, xEV supply chain partners, and government to develop technology to support the rapidly growing xEV and battery storage market.