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How to use Gamification to onboard your employees with your brand
In this websession we will focus on challenges in brand onboarding and education of employees and on how digital tools and a scientifically based gamification concept can be used to build and strengthen brand knowledge in a fun, hands-on and sustainable way.

According to Harvard Business Review, 75% of brand enablement measures are ineffective. However, the resources required are comparatively high.

Gamification approaches can be used to train, motivate, activate and optimize the performance of employees. As gamified measures tap into the natural intrinsic motivation and competitive mindset of employees, they can help consolidate learning content faster and more sustainably while offering a more fun approach towards employee training.

In this websession we are going to talk about how sustainable learning works in the human brain and which challenges employers face when it comes to onboarding and educating their employees with traditional brand training. We are then going to discover how and why gamification mechanisms work and how they can be implemented into your employees’ work routine.

We are also going to have a look at successful examples for gamification concepts in the sector of employee education and are providing an insight into how digital tools can be used to leverage the benefits of gamification for your brand with comparatively lower resource requirements.

We look forward to your participation and an exciting and inspiring websession!
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