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Digital Transformation Through BIM: Findings of a Recent Study
The design and construction industry is in the process of digital transformation. New tools and technologies are helping to improve project delivery and make projects more profitable, sustainable, and safer.

This new study published by Dodge Data & Analytics has concluded that stronger BIM use on architectural projects results in higher client satisfaction. The findings set out in the free Accelerating Digital Transformation Through BIM SmartMarket Report, offer an overview of how architects, engineers, and contractors use BIM and its associated workflows.

Join Anna Liza Montenegro of Microsol Resources in a dialogue with Dr. Donna Laquidara-Carr of Dodge Data & Analytics as she provides the findings of the study that takes a detailed look at:

-How architects, engineers, and contractors are using BIM and data-driven BIM activities
-How the industry is collaborating using BIM, the specific benefits that each type of company achieves from their use of BIM
-Degree of satisfaction with BIM use by other members of projects teams
-Benchmark of where the industry stands currently in the process of digital transformation
-Use of emerging design intelligence tools, innovative construction methods, new technologies for the jobsite, and smart building technologies.

- Participants attending this course will gain knowledge about the direct correlation between the intensity of BIM use and engagement with BIM activities and the overall path of digital transformation for their field.
- Participants attending this course will be able to benchmark their company’s BIM sophistication against industry adoption levels of data-driven BIM activities to understand where they may need to engage more deeply with BIM.
- Participants will gain a detailed understanding of the benefits that most BIM users can expect to achieve. Those that are more engaged with BIM activities and intensity in use are more likely to unlock, which will help them consider their investments in BIM strategically.


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