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The ITSM future is for me!
IT Service Management (ITSM) has for a decade been dominated by players like ServiceNow and Cherwell, both representing the “old approach” to deploy ITSM solutions – individual configurations as single tenants, one for each customer, with the property that it can be tailored and modified individually, but at a hidden price of high maintenance costs, expensive upgrades, and limited ability to get beyond a few simple ITIL processes before the budget is consumed.

The future of ITSM is to move to the next generation toolset that is designed for cloud, running as a pure SaaS solution, where most of the functionality doesn’t need customization.

With more ITIL & SIAM out of the box functionality, customers will share the core configurations, meaning that upgrades and updates will happen all the time, at no further cost! Features can still be enabled/disabled and individually adapted via portal, but the core software is the same for everyone. Thus, the running costs for you will be considerably lower than using old solutions.

Join our next webinar to understand why people are now moving to modern cloud tools designed for SaaS!

In this webinar we will present, demonstrate and elaborate on the benefits of this new and modern approach to multitenant ITSM with built-in SIAM functionality to scale sourcing from multiple suppliers.

Join the webinar to learn how to switch to cloud-ready ITIL service. Presenting examples from a leading 4me® technology, we will guide you to a simpler and stronger ITSM solution.

Webinar is best suited for CIOs, CTOs, CFOs. Duration 35min.

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