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IMPCB Materials- Aismalibar
This exciting webinar will cover a new important industry requirement for heat dissipation in advanced circuit design utilizing highly conductive thermal PCB laminate materials. Today’s electronic modules and components are progressively getting considerably smaller in size yet are producing greater power outputs. Consequently, the PCB is generating significant excess heat that has to be efficiently transferred then dissipated by a heatsink. Aismalibar produces a world class IMS (insulated metal substrate) product to assist engineers and designers in removing this excess heat. In addition, new IMS material, improves solder joint fatigue in PCB utilized in advanced system critical applications like LED automotive headlamps. Aismalibar has developed multiple specially designed products to not only dissipate excessive heat from PCB modules, but to also enable bendable LED tail light assembles. This webinar will cover the various laboratory test methods associated with quality control of IMPCB laminate materials, thermal conductive measurements as well as superior dielectric properties. As well as, long term reliability studies performed on their IMS materials. We will also discuss the various materials that Aismalibar produces to manufacture single sided, double sided and multi-layer IMPCB structures.

An extensive full overview of their products from single layer through to multiple layer applications as well as advanced bend to fit products will be discussed during this webinar, followed by a technical question period. Please join us to learn more about Aismalibar thermal management printed circuit laminates.


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