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Giovanna Guzman (Rainbow Fun) Webinar
In this Zoom webinar, learn rainbow fun designs with Giovanna Guzman.

Gio Guzman is the owner of G.G.'s Face Painting since 2015 with her daughter Giovanna.

She is so happy to have found out about this amazing art form. In 2016, she became a full time face painter and left her Medical secretary job and since then, everything has happened so fast for her new career: being published in many magazines, face painting websites and pages, in 2017 became an instructor in different conventions. Her first one was an International Convention in Mexico, she has been teaching in ACE Austin Convention for Entertainers, FPBA , FABAIC, also in India, Chile, Peru and Mexico as well as online workshops.
Her husband Robert and son Dominick are very supportive and great models as well!

She loves to share her knowledge about face Painting with everyone.

Gio was born in Lima, Perú and lives in Houston, Texas. Being a guest instructor for FacePaint.com is a dream come true for her and her supportive family.

This is going to be fun and productive time. -

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