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Women Designers in Diaspora: Navigating Multiple Identities and Practices
The panel will address the work and practices of women designers living in the diaspora. The discussion will address the process of design outside its immediate cultural context, and the relationship to the motherland/culture at a distance. It will unpack the state of in-between-ness, where identity is continually reassessed and the creative expression is a negotiation between past and present, origin and new cultural belonging. The panel will investigate how has this state in-between-ness affected the design practices, how it has blurred the boundaries, and how it has contributed to new processes of engaging with audiences. It will look into the new networks that develop in the diasporic context, revealing new collective practices. The panel will study the transformation of the individual designer/collective, the impact of he artistic journey, and the way she has reinvented her identity and professional practice.
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