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Redesigning fairness: concepts, contexts and complexities
On 20 September, the UK Government published its proposal for amending the current data protection regime (the UK GDPR). The aim is to create ‘a pro-growth and pro-innovation data regime whilst maintaining the UK’s world-leading data protection standards’.

At the Ada Lovelace Institute, our mission is to ensure that data and AI work for people and society. In order to explore whether the Government’s plans will enable these aims, we are organising a series of five events, each looking at different sections, questions, statements and framing in the Government’s consultation and asking what benefits and challenges are brought by the proposals. 

The fourth event in our series focuses on fairness in the use of data and artificial intelligence. This is a particular focus of chapter 1 of the consultation, where Government seeks views on how ‘fairness’ should be defined and delivered and suggests collecting more sensitive personal data in order to monitor bias.

This event will explore questions such as:
- How should we think about ‘fairness’ and how can fair use of data for AI be achieved?
- What obligations, assessments and safeguards are necessary and appropriate for trustworthy AI systems?
- What opportunities and challenges are brought by the proposed measures?

- Agathe Balayn, PhD candidate, Delft University of Technology
- Damian Clifford, Senior Lecturer, Australian National University College of Law
- Sandra Wachter, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute

- Octavia Reeve, Associate Director (Impact)

Live (real-time) captioning will be provided for this event, if you have questions or request for access, please contact: hkitcher@adalovelaceinstitute.org.

Oct 27, 2021 02:00 PM in London

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